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Nizammuddin, named after the 13th century Muslim prophet, is a centrally located residential area within the ring road. Set in the back drop of the spectacular Humayuns tomb, to its north and Khan Khana Tomb to its South, Nizammuddin East is an attractive residential district for many reasons.

Proximity to the French School, United Nations offices and Central business district, superior civic amenities and large green areas, make it a preferred neighborhood for numerous expatriates and corporate executives. Its history and charm attract numerous writers, artists and creative people to Nizammuddin. Proximity to the High court, has attracted numerous eminent lawyers and advocates to the neibourhood.

Nizammuddin East is one of the few walkable districts with landscaped gardens, round abouts and footpaths. Morning and evening walkers take advantage of the 5 acre expanse of the Humayun Tomb with its gravel tracks, fountains and walking tracts.

The neibourhood has a few bungalows on 1000 Sq.yds. plots and plotted housing on small 200-300 Sq.yds. plots. Most residences overlook small parks or greenery. The colony has a charming B&B and a cozy local Café. Its small market has of a provision stores offering all basic necessities. The colony has good tennis courts, indoor sports, the YMCA, a post office, and a local taxi stand.

Monthly rental: Rs. 80 per Sq.ft.

Purchase Price: Rs. 35,000/- per Sq.ft.

Purchase price of land: Rs. 8,00,000/- per Sq.ft.

Small Market
Small Market