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Orientation Program: Considering relocating to New Delhi? We organize a one-day personalized tour of South and Central Delhi to give you a feel of the city. The tour is designed to give you a sense of ‘life in Delhi’. Your tour guide will provide a comprehensive perspective on housing options, neighborhoods, local markets, transportation, medical support, schools, leisure activities and community life in Delhi. The tour guide shall also provide complimentary booklets, maps and handouts giving valuable information about Delhi. Please book your tour atleast on week in advance.

BASIC TARRIF: INR 12,000/- for 6 hour tour in standard car.

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Property Search Program: Finding a home that meets with your needs is one of the priorities of a successful relocation. A number of suitable properties are pre-screened, based on your budget and personal preferences. Home-search assistance includes accompanied viewing, negotiation of rental terms, verification of lease documents, inventory check, and lease execution.

AGENCY FEE: One month rent + 14% service tax

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Moving in assistance: Once the lease contracts are signed we assist the move to your new home or office:

  • We provide you with a ‘local contact list’ of vendors for goods and services in the neighborhood you have moved to.
  • We co-ordinate and expedite setting up utilities such as gas, phone, internet and cable connections.
  • We line up interviews of house staff, drivers, nanny, security guards, etc on request., through reputed service providers.
  • We assist in the purchase, rental, and installation of air-conditioners, power backup, kitchen equipment, home appliances and furniture.

PROFESSIONAL FEE: ( As per request/ extent of service)

For one week after you have ‘moved in’ we provide a contact service in case you have any queries or problems. After that, we are pleased to provide more formal support services if you require it. Kindly contact us for details.